What we look for

People are central to our decision. We are looking for innovative and self-motivated entrepreneurs who are capable of building and running their own business.
We only invest in businesses we understand and can add value to. This encompasses service businesses with business customers, we will NOT invest in retail or entertainment businesses.
Financial Model:
We prefer businesses that have recurring or predictable earnings or long term contracted revenues.
Less than £500,000 initially, for greater than 20% of the voting shares.
Principally the UK, but will consider appropriate opportunities in other locations.
Activities of Companies in which we have Invested 
These Include:
Advanced woundcare
AI Software for Telecoms
Data Quality Software
Event Booking Software
Food Product Authentication and Certification
Food Supply Chain Transparency Platform
Fund Management
Hedge Fund Management
Infrared Sensors
Insurance broking
Insurance of notebook computers
Medical Project advisory services
Medical Product Fulfilment
Modular building rental
Online Property Services
Pharmaceutical Market Research & Data Analysis
Power Conversion
Property Development
Sales Outsourcing
Specialised Asset Finance
Specialised MRI Scanning
Stereotactic Radiosurgery
Test Process Management & Quality Assurance Software
Vendor Finance Programme Management
Voice record transcription
Waste Management using Gasification
Waste Processing Equipment

Annual Report year ending 31 March 2018