About Summit

Who We Are
The Summit Group is a privately owned independent venture capital business which invests in start ups and early stage businesses.

Our history spans over thirty years during which we have been principally involved in starting businesses in the areas of Business Services and Finance, focusing on corporate rather than retail customers.

What We Do
Summit's approach differs from most venture capital businesses in that we support the companies in which we invest in a hands on way through joining the board and if required providing other support services which we can provide as a group such as accounting, payroll and HR. We are able to bring financial credibility and branding as well as a range of marketing and support functions, together with the Group's contacts and relationships and the ability to work with other Group companies.

We aim to let the entrepreneurs concentrate on what they do best in the creative part of the business while we are able to provide the benefit of our experience, back up, financial support and commercial input.

The Summit Group Limited
Registered office:
5 Cloisters House, 8 Battersea Park Road, London SW8 4BG

Registered in England and Wales with number 2231277

VAT number 365 4087 40

Company Directors 

Kit Hunter Gordon
Managing Director
Co-founded Summit in 1985 and was joint Managing Director until 1990 when he became Group Managing Director.
Zac Barratt
Finance and Operations Director
Joined Summit in 1986 from Herbert Smith where he practised as a solicitor, becoming responsible for Summit's property operations in 1987, its treasury functions in 1988 and finance and operations from 1993.

Annual Report year ending 31 March 2022